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An EcoFriendly Outdoor Space

An EcoFriendly Outdoor Space

Whether you live in a warm climate or not, refresh your pots with seasonal flowers,
winter greenery, pinecones, or even trimmings from shrubbery such as red twig dogwoods. It’s nice to have a beautiful pot of seasonal foliage on your front and back porches.

Top 10 Trends for the Green Movement

Inspiring 2016 Outdoor Designs

Native Plants: Today, homeowners are choosing plants that more easily thrive in local conditions – moving away from lush green lawns.

Drought-Tolerant Plants: Even in wetter climates, homeowners are choosing plants that require less water.

Edible Gardens: With an edible garden, a homeowner can grow more of their own food, thus requiring less use of natural resources to get those foods to market.

Fire Pits/Fireplaces: Fireplaces and fire pits are a great way to offer a gathering spot for families and friends to spend time together enjoying the outdoors.

Low-maintenance Landscapes: When homeowners want to reduce their time mowing, weeding and watering their yards, and more time enjoying them, hard-scapes provide the perfect alternative to grass lawns.

Permeable Paving: Permeable pavers offer an attractive way to reduce flooding and improve the quality of local waterways by allowing stormwater to percolate through a graduated bed of aggregates into the ground below, removing pollutants in the process.

Water-Efficient Irrigation: Multiple technologies exist that automatically sense the amount of water needed and help avoid unnecessary over-watering, thus conserving water use.

Rain Gardens: Rain gardens offer an attractive, natural way to reduce the burden on urban and suburban sewer systems caused by stormwater runoff.

Lighting: Many of today’s outdoor lighting options include energy saving features, such as solar power, low-voltage output, or timers. The light fixtures themselves often incorporate design elements intended to reduce resulting light pollution.

Rainwater/Greywater Harvesting: Many municipalities now offer rain barrel programs to conserve outdoor water use. In addition, a permeable paver system can be designed to harvest and reuse rainwater for irrigation and greywater purposes.


Joanie has created beautiful interior & exterior designs in Scottsdale, Denver, and now Charlotte. She makes interior design fun for her clients by creating unique visions with their style. Joanie also incorporates green ideas & materials into all her projects.