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Front Door Inspiration

Front Door Inspiration

Your front door is the first impression about your home.  So why not make a statement and express the inner you?

My intrigue regarding front doors started when I lived in Italy for a year.  Doors tell a story, they have a mystery to them, and, an energy that can be inviting or not.

Travel your favorite neighborhoods to get inspiration.  Each home you travel by has a particular personality that starts with the front door.   

I love big glass and iron doors that provide a view of a home front to back.  Living in Arizona, the Sonoran Desert was replete with beauty.  Many homes had  glass doors to provide endless view of the desert.

There’s a trend to be bold and paint your doors to match your personality and style.  My personal favorite paint is Farrow & Ball.  These are handmade paints providing an exceptional palette to choose from.  Adding color to the frame will give a grandeur presence, especially with narrow front doors.  Don’t be shy – find a color that expresses your best you!  In many neighborhoods throughout the MidWest, blue and red front doors are the colors of choice  – very patriotic! 

And then there are doors made from beautiful timeless hardwoods – knotty Alder is one of my favorites!  Notwithstanding, adding stained glass, leaded glass elements create a timeless look while providing privacy.  The options are endless and the choices never go in or out of style.  It’s all about first impressions for your home.

Take a look at the doors I photographed in Italy and my other travels.  Find your inspiration!

A door is worth a thousand words!



Joanie has created beautiful interior & exterior designs in Scottsdale, Denver, and now Charlotte. She makes interior design fun for her clients by creating unique visions with their style. Joanie also incorporates green ideas & materials into all her projects.