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Make the Most with Your Coffee Table

Make the Most with Your Coffee Table
 Coffee tables should tell a story about the owner of a home.  It is central to where friends and family gather to enjoy each others company.  Here are a few ideas on how to make the most out of your coffee table:
Place objects that have a personal meaning – something collected or cherished.  I have hearts on my coffee table.  It’s something my family finds in lots of different places in my home.  Or include a special photograph that has a story to tell.  This can always strike up a conversation!
Add a candy bowl with your favorite candies or a vase with fresh flowers.  This makes the room feel authentic and alive.
Stack books to bring dimension to your table.  I like to keep books with beautiful photographs on my table.  I change my books throughout the seasons.  Sometimes I put out my treasured horse books and open them up to a fabulous photo that catches my eye.  Other times I’ll put out my John Fielder books that show beautiful photos of the changing Colorado seasons.  This always intrigues my guests, as they often times are tempted to peruse the pages.
Don’t over crowd your coffee table.  Tell a story without intimidating your guests.  Leave plenty of room for them to set a cup of coffee or a drink without feeling like they have to move one of your treasures.
And most importantly, enjoy expressing yourself and change out the objects on your coffee table as frequently as your heart is inspired!

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