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Design for Small Spaces

Growing Bigger Rooms

The size of the space in your home doesn’t really matter.  Rather, it’s about the ways they connect, complement and contrast with one another and the atmosphere created within each. 

Whether a homeowner is thinking of purchasing a new piece of furniture or wanting to make a change with their own furnishings, we can suggest new ways to layout furniture in a room, creating both a functional living environment, and also an extraordinary room.  After all, every room is a work of art.

Checklist for Maximizing Space

  • De-clutter.  Clutter makes a room appear smaller. Pick one primary activity you will be doing in that room. Reading, watching TV, working on a hobby, and make the activity the central theme for the space.
  • Minimize the extra personal stuff. Photos, memorabilia, collectibles, etc.
  • Furniture Selection. don’t overrun the room with pieces too large for the room. Scale is essential.
  • Accessorize strategically. Take advantage of accessories that will draw the eye to important elements in the room. A mirror strategically placed ca make the room appear larger.
  • Capitalize on architectural features. If your home enjoys features such as beautiful windows, fireplaces, or high ceilings, make sure you position furniture to enhance the architecture of the room.

Remember that each and every room, large or small, should tell a story, have a theme.