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Designing Outdoor Spaces

The principles of outdoor interiors, landscape design and architecture are interchangeable and highly adaptable.   The size of the space doesn’t matter. Rather, it’s the ways the outdoor space connects, complements and contrasts to a home’s interior, and, exterior landscape.

Hedges can become walls, awnings can become roof cover, and hardscapes can be created from a multitude of materials, creating a series of interconnected garden “rooms.” Sculptures, fountains, and flower beds bursting with color and composition give ephemeral quality to the space.

 Designing the space to suit the activities and lifestyle of the homeowner is a must.  Whether creating a second family room, replete with an outdoor fireplace and spacious sitting area, or a cozy balcony for spending quiet moments of the day, the outdoor space design is an opportunity to expand the inside of our homes into a dramatic new discovery aligned with nature.

Expand the inside of your home into a dramatic new space aligned with nature.